Are You an Expert, Worrying Where to Get Your Next Leads From?

Our clients include: 

The Solution We Provide.

Lead generation quizzes are great…BUT…

They don’t always work for some. Why? 

After creating over 600+ quizzes for experts like you, we know
what it takes to make a quiz a successful lead generator which provides a consistent stream of leads.

Intelligent Quizzes have 5 proven key aspects and…

…If you are missing just 1, your quiz will struggle.

We work with you, because we want to help you achieve all 5 key aspects, so you can have a successful lead generator, that does the hard work for you! 

Why Us?

We work exclusively with experts like you to help you focus on creating a converting quiz.

We are the professionals in quiz lead generation and know what does and doesn’t work for a quiz to generate leads.

We use a combination of our experience from creating over 600+ quizzes, ours and our clients’ successes, along with intelligent data analysis to ensure your quiz brings in a consistent flow of high quality leads and sales.

We are proud to be back to back winners of the 2018/2019 Connection Hub Best Supporting Service for Speakers, Authors and Coaches.

Results You Can Expect. 

Real results from a few of our clients…

First Aid for Life
Aim: For leads to purchase a course.

  • £0.62 per lead.
  • Generated over 24,000+ leads.
  • Over £100K of sales for both physical and online courses.

Shaa Wasmund MBE
Aim: For leads to attend a webinar launch.

  • Generated 100’s of leads for their launch.
  • Shaa Wasmund was quoted “this is the best lead generator I’ve ever used”.
  •  43% conversion rate from quiz landing page to webinar attendee.

Lisa Johnson
Aim: To generate leads via Facebook Ads.

  • 482 quality leads in her first two weeks.
  • 71% conversion rate.

The Coaching Academy
Aim: For leads to attend a 2-day event.

  • Generated over 4000+ leads funnelling thousands of people into their 2-day live event.
  • 32% average quiz conversion rate.

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