Our Intelligent Quizzes Are Designed for Experts.

Providing you with the best lead generation you’ll ever see:

  • Smart landing page to attract your ideal clients.
  • Super-fast quiz loading speed.
  • Mobile-friendly & intuitive design.
  • Easy quiz promotion on your website, social media pages, in your email signature, while speaking at networking events and much more.


Intelligent Data Analysis.

Our quizzes are designed to make your life easier, not harder.

Let your new quiz identify and determine who your ideal client is, who will happily pay for your expertise.

Our sophisticated algorithms will automatically segment and take your leads to the right next step for them. Whether that’s a free online course if they have a low budget, or whether that’s a 1:1 discovery call if they are ready for individual help and attention.

Your leads also benefit greatly as their Key Areas of Improvements are highlighted with your expert insightful knowledge and tips.

Instant dynamic PDF report generation with results chart also provides more value and makes you look professional.

Quiz Content Document.

You don’t need to know exactly what your quiz is going to be about and how to structure it.

Instead, we lead you through our proven formula to create a quiz which is compelling, while at the same time, allows a lead to better understand what you uniquely offer.

This includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance to create your quiz content, based on your niche.
  • Simple layout to write your own topics, question, and scoring method.
  • Easily add dynamic feedback after quiz completion.

Quiz Portal.

Once your quiz is set up and designed, you then get given access to your own quiz portal.

Here you can:


  • Capture, review, sort and filter all quiz data entries.
  • Access your leads’ in-depth PDF report.
  • Easily update quiz content, as and when you want.

Advanced Tracking.

If you want to use paid advertising to promote your quiz our Pro Plan is for you and includes the below as standard:


  • Tracking of quiz drop-offs, so you know if leads leave on a particular question.
  • Full GA and Facebook pixel analytics with custom events (e.g. quiz complete event).
  • Facebook retargeting of leads based on their scores.
  • Hot spot and funnel tracking.
  • Split testing of headings and subheadings.
  • Monthly reports with detailed analysis of performance and suggestions.

Resource Centre.

Our quiz resource centre has everything you need to know.

This includes:

  • A how-to edit your quiz guide.
  • Ready-made email templates to nurture leads after they complete your quiz.
  • Suggested wording to copy for promoting your quiz anywhere.
  • A how-to guide for effective quiz Facebook Ads marketing
  • And more.

Is a Quiz the Right Sales Tool for Me?

Find out your Expert Selling Score and how to improve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create?

After submitting your quiz framework you can expect to receive your quiz within 4-5 business days. After that, it’s up to you as to when you’re ready to go live.

How long do I have to submit my quiz framework?

You have an unlimited amount of days to submit your quiz framework.

Is there a limit on the number of questions I can have?

Through extensive research, we have found that the optimal number is between 7 and 8 questions in total. We put a limit of 10 questions in the initial setup; but once you are up and running and really want to, you are welcome to add as many as you wish.

Can I make changes to the quiz once it’s live?

Yes, we provide you with your own quiz portal to make changes, view entries and more. Plus we’re on hand for any support needed.

Do I need a website to have a lead generator quiz?

No. The quizzes can be incorporated onto social media sites, onto blogs, emailed to past clients and more.

Can I embed this onto my website?

Yes, you have access to your URL code in the Quiz Portal after we design your quiz. This URL code can be copied anywhere onto your website.

Can I have multiple quizzes?

Additional quizzes can be bought at a discounted rate after purchasing one quiz. 

Can I have a quiz in a different language?

We are expanding this feature and currently offer quizzes in French, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Chinese.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your quiz will be disabled and you will not be able to access it or the Quiz Portal.

Can you help with copywriting?

With our many partners we can recommend a trusted professional copywriter.

Do you help me promote my quiz and find leads to fill it in?

No. Generating leads is the responsibility of the client. We do, however, include helpful guides, including how to get leads filling out your quiz.

How can I generate leads with a quiz?

You can market your quiz and generate quality leads using Facebook, LinkedIn, offline marketing, referrals from clients & more.